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17 August 2021
Cases of Violations of Religious Freedom of Religious Minorities in Poland

The activity of the Laboratory of Religious Freedom is to lead to an increase in the level of social awareness in the face of the existence, or even the observed intensification, of violations of the freedom of conscience and religion as well as religious crimes1. One of the statutory activities of the project, aimed at […]

10 August 2021
Will, lawlessness and freedom in religion

Is freedom a God’s mercy or a trap set by the devil? Rev. Józef Tischner 1. Freedom and lawlessness Among the many neglect of contemporary upbringing and teaching, one should point to the will and omissions in its formation. Teaching programs, efforts of parents and teachers are often directed only towards exercising intellect and memory, […]

13 July 2021
Philosophical dimensions of freedom

For there are also those who are capable of mixing dirt of their actions into the miracle of freedom. M. Grechuta   If right was Schelling, when he said that the beginning and end of all philosophy is the problem of freedom, perhaps this issue is also an excellent path to philosophical analyzes of contemporary […]

15 June 2021
Can a modern state be neutral in terms of worldview?

“If the social pallet of society were only composed of blue, yellow and red groups, than black – the absence of color – would be a neutral colour. But once one of the social forces in society has appropriated black as its colour, than that choice is no longer neutral.” – professor Joseph Weiler said […]

8 June 2021
Freedom and politics

Goal of politics can be expressed in one sentence: thanks to political freedom a man becomes himself. K. Jaspers   In 2004 Fareed Zakaria published a book titled The Future of Freedom. Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad (New York 2004), that has been translated into German and published under a changed title: Das Ende […]

18 May 2021
On contemporary threats to the idea of the university

The mutual relationship between religion and science is a subject of scientific research that has been developed from the very beginning of the existence of institutions dealing with education at both primary and higher levels. The ancient „Platonic Academy” was not only, after all, an educational and research, but also a religious center, devoted to […]

20 April 2021
Religious conflict between parents and adolescent child

The situation of a religious conflict between the parent (s) and the child can most often be manifested in: in abandonment of the pupil’s practice of faith, in resignation from attending church services, in omitting personal prayer, in withdrawing his involvement in the activities of the religious group (if the child has attended meetings), in […]

6 April 2021
Religious conflict in marriage

When thinking about religious conflicts, there are usually associations with religious or tribal wars, with terrorist attacks or with vandalism of sacred places and worship. However, conflicts of this type can also take place in the family environment. They can occur between spouses. This text is an attempt to find out what should be done […]

23 February 2021
Faces of discrimination based on religion on social media

At the beginning of January, after US President Donald Trump's social media accounts were censored and blocked, a debate has flared up on the actual protection of the freedom of speech of users of these media. Only then did many become aware of the dangerous tendency, however, visible much earlier in the case of adherents […]

16 February 2021
Religion and the Danger of Division

Rousseau distinguished between the collective and the general will. A collective will is the opportune matching of individual wills that are matched or connected for their own interests. The common will, however, is a focus on the common good. Neglecting the common will and relying solely on the achievement of the collective will, the West […]

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