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6 October 2020
Freedom of religion in Polish law

Part 1. Criminal law   We so often refer to Art. 53 of the Constitution, that there is probably no need to recall that it constitutes the basic guarantee of religious freedom in the Polish state. But how is this provision supported by other legal acts? The Penal Code (the Polish Criminal Code) includes 3 […]

29 September 2020
Bosnia and Herzegovina – an example to Europe of how much religious freedom means

The dead pig was thrown into the harem of the City Mosque in Bratunac on the first day of the New Hijri in 1442, which was celebrated in August 2020. The main imam of the Majlis of the Islamic Community of Bratunac, Elvir-ef. Hodžić pointed out that this is not a coincidence because it is […]

16 September 2020
Hostility towards religion in the modern world

Many international organizations almost every day provide information about the bloody forms of persecution of Christians in many countries of the world. This is happening in Asia, in the Middle East, but also in Africa and, recently, in Latin America. In the latter, for example in Nicaragua, there are attacks on churches where believers are […]

8 September 2020
Do not understand? Do not destroy

Vanadalism is the deliberate destruction of someone else's property without an important (e.g. dictated by security reasons) causes. Its effects can be encountered all too often in public space. Every year in Poland there are tens of thousands of acts of damage to property - including sacred objects. Vandalism is a crime! According to Art. 288 […]

3 September 2020
John Paul II and the dialogue of the Church with atheism

In order to understand the nature and forms of John Paul II's dialogue with atheism, it is necessary to take into account the circumstances in which it was conducted. Despair and discouragement ran in the „veins” of post-war mankind. It seemed that atheism would soon lead to the death of religion, as Marxist currents proclaimed […]

2 September 2020
France on fire - the cultural significance of burning temples

The French Observatory of Religious Heritage reports statistics showing that nine Catholic churches burned down in France in the first seven months of 2020. In 2019, 16 fires were recorded: two cathedrals, 13 churches and abbey (in most cases, traces found at the scene suggest that arson was the cause of the fire). In turn, […]

18 August 2020
The new atheism – a challenge to the modern world

Postmodern atheism is generally seen as "silent", practical atheism, which does not engage in direct polemics with theism. It is atheism that is certain that religion is doomed to extinction in the course of history and it is enough to show a little patience. The so-called new atheism, which does not want to wait anymore, […]

6 August 2020
Freedom – a right, not a privilege

Religious freedom – we study it carefully, as befits a "laboratory". But we also protect it by taking initiatives to counteract crime against freedom of conscience and religion as well as any discrimination based on religious affiliation. Why? Because freedom is not a privilege, arbitrarily granted and subject to limitations, but a right that belongs […]

31 July 2020
Damage caused to the chapel in Gąsiorowice - legal comment

On March 29, 2020 in Gąsiorowice (Jemielnica commune, Opolskie Voivodeship), an unknown perpetrator devastated the historic roadside chapel dedicated to the Mother of God. This act of vandalism aroused strong emotions in the local residents, but also the desire to repair the damage as soon as possible. We presented the above-mentioned event in a report […]

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