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18 May 2021
On contemporary threats to the idea of the university

The mutual relationship between religion and science is a subject of scientific research that has been developed from the very beginning of the existence of institutions dealing with education at both primary and higher levels. The ancient „Platonic Academy” was not only, after all, an educational and research, but also a religious center, devoted to […]

20 April 2021
Religious conflict between parents and adolescent child

The situation of a religious conflict between the parent (s) and the child can most often be manifested in: in abandonment of the pupil’s practice of faith, in resignation from attending church services, in omitting personal prayer, in withdrawing his involvement in the activities of the religious group (if the child has attended meetings), in […]

6 April 2021
Religious conflict in marriage

When thinking about religious conflicts, there are usually associations with religious or tribal wars, with terrorist attacks or with vandalism of sacred places and worship. However, conflicts of this type can also take place in the family environment. They can occur between spouses. This text is an attempt to find out what should be done […]

23 February 2021
Faces of discrimination based on religion on social media

At the beginning of January, after US President Donald Trump's social media accounts were censored and blocked, a debate has flared up on the actual protection of the freedom of speech of users of these media. Only then did many become aware of the dangerous tendency, however, visible much earlier in the case of adherents […]

16 February 2021
Religion and the Danger of Division

Rousseau distinguished between the collective and the general will. A collective will is the opportune matching of individual wills that are matched or connected for their own interests. The common will, however, is a focus on the common good. Neglecting the common will and relying solely on the achievement of the collective will, the West […]

9 February 2021
On the importance of religiosity during a pandemic

At the end of November 2020, Croatia introduced more rigorous measures in response to the growing number of COVID-19 patients and the number of deaths. Among the measures, closing all cafes and restaurants stand out. The measures also apply to church gatherings to celebrate Holy Mass, allowing gatherings of up to 25 people. Acknowledging how […]

26 January 2021
Do you know how to recognize microaggressions directed at believers?

"You Catholics all think the same.“ "In the TV show, the host says: Even God agrees with me, the audience and the polls that this is the best middle-class car in 2020!'” "Believers are fundamentalists and against science." "How can believers in Poland and Croatia be victims of prejudice and bias on the ground of […]

12 January 2021
How to settle unsolvable disputes

Along with the judgment on the so-called eugenic abortion by the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, the dispute over this delicate matter flared up again. The temperature of the debate should not come as a surprise as we are dealing with a conflict of fundamental human rights – the right to respect for women's private and family […]

5 January 2021
How to draw reliable information from the media? A practical guide

The opinion-forming role of the media in a democratic society is so great that it is used to being called the “fourth power”. The information activity of the media—while maintaining the independence guaranteed by the national and international law—serves as a tool for social control of the authorities. The importance of free media for the […]

18 December 2020
Is everything allowed to art? Recent cases of attacks on religion in contemporary culture

For some time now, there has been a social polemic about whether art can use means that offend believers, their symbols and values, whether it give the artist unlimited freedom of expression and therefore, in the name of this freedom, they         has the right, for example, to ridicule the symbols of the followers of religion, […]

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