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The information and consultation center carries out information and consultation activities in the field of freedom of conscience and religion, as well as providing assistance to victims of crimes against freedom of conscience and religion.

The center provides information on:

  • freedom of conscience and religion,
  • protection of religious freedom and legal regulations in this regard,
  • institutions established to protect the freedom of conscience and religion,
  • violations of religious rights and freedoms, including the specificity of acts violating the religious freedom of Christians in Poland and Western countries,
  • christianophobia, various manifestations of intolerance and hatred (discrimination, persecution, verbal violence, physical attacks, etc.) due to the professed religious worldview, differences in the so-called hard and soft persecution,
  • possible actions aimed at counteracting persecution, manifestations of discrimination, intolerance and hatred due to the declared worldview, including values ​​related to Christianity.

The center conducts consultations as well as provides advice and opinions on violations of the freedom of conscience and religion - concerning both individuals and other entities. The center also provides help and support to people whose religious freedom has been violated or who have been affected by a crime against freedom of conscience and religion.

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Application formPrinciples of operation of the Information and Consultation Center
Financed from the Justice Fund, which is administered by the Minister of Justice
Ministerstwo Sprawiedliwości
Pro Futuro Theologiae Foundation
Gagarin 37/8 street, 87-100 Toruń
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Pro Futuro Theologiae Foundation
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