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As part of our research activities, we develop expert materials that analyze selected issues related to the subject of religious freedom, in detail. Individual publications are devoted to the legal protection of freedom of conscience and religion in different areas of life.


Criminal offences against freedom of conscience and religion in the Polish legal system

Sławomir Romański-Cebula, PhD.

The study includes an educational report on the legal regulations contained in the Polish Penal Code, regarding crimes categorized as "crimes against freedom of conscience and religion". It presents, among others, a short genesis of the adopted provisions, as well as an approximation of questionable problems of interpretation.

About the Author: Sławomir Romański-Cebula, PhD, is an assistant professor at the Faculty of History and Cultural Heritage of the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Kraków, at the Department of Central and Eastern Europe. As part of his research activities, he deals with issues such as religious law and the protection of freedom of conscience and religion.


Education of children and adolescents to make personal choices on moral behavior   

Anna Malec

The study presents methods for marriages and families in counteracting threats, and preventing the promotion of behaviors conducive to the demoralization of children and adolescents. It presents, in particular, the issues of moral values from an educational perspective. Furthermore, it discusses the factors determining the ability to personally choose moral behavior in the context of the stages of human development and education of children and adolescents.

About the author: Anna Malec – President of the Board of the Rozwiń Skrzydła Foundation. Educator, expert in psychoprophylaxis. She has many years of experience in coaching in the field of education and support for human development. She conducts educational supervisions for individuals and groups, as well as supportive consultations for parents, educators, young adults, adolescents and people in crisis.  


Prevention of the use of violence and unlawful threats on the basis of religious affiliation and protection of religious freedom in the broad sense

Prof. Tadeusz Jasudowicz

The study introduces the issues of legal protection of religious freedom. It provides the legal basis for the protection of thought, conscience and religion, the resulting rights of citizens and the obligations of the state. The current legal situation is accompanied by: a discussion on examples of jurisprudence of international tribunals, an assessment of the current state in terms of respect for religious freedom, as well as a diagnosis of threats. A separate focus was given to the possible conflict of rights that can take place between freedom of religion (including the right to protect religious feelings) and freedom of expression.

About the author: Prof. dr hab. Tadeusz Jasudowicz – lawyer, specialist in human rights and international law, emeritus full professor at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Since 1990, head of the Department of Human Rights of Nicolaus Copernicus University – the first department in Poland dealing with this issue, which in 1993 was added to the list of UNESCO Chairs. He was associate professor at the University of Warmia and Masuria in Olsztyn, where he served as head of the Department of Human Rights and European Law. In the years 1995-1998, he participated in the work of the Chief Commission for the Investigation of Crimes against the Polish Nation. Since 1994, he has been a member of the UN Standing Committee for the Decade for Human Rights Education. Member of the scientific council of the journal "Międzynarodowe Prawo Humanitarne" ("International Humanitarian Law") and the quarterly "Prawo i Więź" ("Law and Bond").


The right of parents to provide their children with a moral and religious upbringing and teaching in accordance with their beliefs

Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Lis, KUL (Catholic University of Lublin)

The study discusses legal guarantees that protect parents' rights towards children – including regulations on parental responsibility over minor children, the right of parents to raise their children in accordance with their values, the impact of parents on the content provided in the education process, and the child's right to express its own views. The considerations are set in a broader socio-cultural context, including intergenerational differences, value differentiation under the influence of changes in the pace of life, gender identity issues, and the influence of the media on lifestyle and worldview formation.

About the author: Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Lis, KUL – Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration, Institute of Legal Sciences, Department of Family Law and Family Rights. His research interests include: family law, medical law, bioethical law, media law, issues related to state security, the protection of freedom and human rights.

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