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19 January 2021
On the importance of religiosity during a pandemic

A few days ago, Croatia introduced more rigorous measures in response to the growing number of COVID-19 patients and the number of deaths. Among the measures, closing all cafes and restaurants stand out. The measures also apply to church gatherings to celebrate Holy Mass, allowing gatherings of up to 25 people. Part of the citizens […]

12 January 2021
How to settle unsolvable disputes

Along with the judgment on the so-called eugenic abortion by the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, the dispute over this delicate matter flared up again. The temperature of the debate should not come as a surprise as we are dealing with a conflict of fundamental human rights – the right to respect for women's private and family […]

5 January 2021
How to draw reliable information from the media? A practical guide

The opinion-forming role of the media in a democratic society is so great that it is used to being called the “fourth power”. The information activity of the media—while maintaining the independence guaranteed by the national and international law—serves as a tool for social control of the authorities. The importance of free media for the […]

18 December 2020
Is everything allowed to art?

Is everything allowed to art? Recent cases of attacks on religion in contemporary culture.   For some time now, there has been a social polemic about whether art can use means that offend believers, their symbols and values, whether it give the artist unlimited freedom of expression and therefore, in the name of this freedom, […]

15 December 2020
Religion and Freedom

I crave freedom above all else! Give me around me wide, open space, So I may kneel low in front of You And to pay homage even lower. Leopold Staff: Freedom   When observing the world of religion, one may wrongly assume that freedom is not a religious category. This conclusion is largely due to […]

1 December 2020
The judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal of 22 October 2020: reactions and perspectives

“This is not a full-fledged decision of the Tribunal, but an arbitrary opinion of the majority of the panel chaired by Julia Przyłębska”, “the judgment must be declared as non-existent due to the improper appointment of the Tribunal in which the so-called doubles were sitting”, or in a more emphatic way: “unconstitutional decision”, “violation of […]

19 November 2020
Freedom of religion in Polish law. Part 2. Civil law

We have already discussed the provisions of the criminal law that protect the freedom of conscience and religion. This time we will check what protection of religious freedom is provided by civil law. Religious freedom is protected by civil law as a personal good. The Civil Code itself does not contain a definition of personal […]

4 November 2020
The new law - the old law, namely about the pandemic, protection of life and religious freedom

For more than half a year, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and its effects on social and economic life has been the number one social topic. In the past week, however, the attention of the public was drawn to another issue - the issue concerning the protection of conceived life. On October 22, the Constitutional Court […]

2 November 2020
The right to life, not to abortion - what has the Court actually decided?

It is possible to disagree with court judgments, arguments can be argued, but the judgments must be respected. This is what the seriousness of the law in a democratic society requires. The judges themselves also have the right to submit their own dissenting or convergent opinions to judgments passed by a majority of votes, which […]

31 October 2020
Who remains silent in the Poland uproar?

Last Sunday synchronized attacks on church institutions started across Poland, motivated by a recent decision by the Polish Constitutional Court and a ban on killing unborn children with certain malfunctions. Activists of various profiles targeted churches, monuments of saints and other buildings associated with the Catholic Church by writing derogatory slogans. Yet what is even […]

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