Who remains silent in the Poland uproar?

Who remains silent in the Poland uproar?

Last Sunday synchronized attacks on church institutions started across Poland, motivated by a recent decision by the Polish Constitutional Court and a ban on killing unborn children with certain malfunctions.

Activists of various profiles targeted churches, monuments of saints and other buildings associated with the Catholic Church by writing derogatory slogans. Yet what is even more striking about this protest was that the protesters intruded on the Holy Mass in many churches and obstructed its celebration by holding a transparent with various messages.

This huge uproar and protests reverberated far beyond Poland's borders. The noise was caused by voices of protesters, fulfilled by voices of those who are against them, the media will also have its voice, and many, many other voices will join. It is the “noise of voices” that attracts attention.

Although the legal act is the cause of that loud “noise of voices”, it is still an expression of deep emotions. Protesters are focusing on what is most personal to them - their own bodies. Through the body we are all in this world. Nothing is closer to us than our own body. Our body is our freedom and in a way the limit for the others. Free disposal of one's own body is a demand of activists.

How deep the emotion is and how strong the desire of the activists is, is shown by the fact that they decided to attack what is sacred to the believers - not their body, but the Holy Mass. It is as if they are saying: "you are attacking what is holy to us – our body, so we are attacking what is holy for you – holy mass." Although the court act started this avalanche, it is an emotional noise that deafens the ears in ​​Poland. Emotions are hard to control with the reason.

Inside that deafening and orchestrated noise that will rumble in Poland and beyond for days, one voice is not heard. Someone is dumb. Everyone in Poland will speak - except them. They will not even know that they were/are victims of agreed views on freedom and rights.

The unborn who have no voice, they have no banners and announcements. They have no words at all! They have only a bare existence delivered to the judgment of noise. Of all the attitudes expressed and eruptions of sincere emotions, none will be from them.But what if attention is focused on their muteness? What if their unpresence in the Poland uproar becomes a way of their presence? What if all those voices started to speak in their silence?

It is strange how such a carefully directed noise by activists could suddenly be silenced, when silent victims start to speak. All the Poland uproar spreading through Europe testifies only about those who produce it. The unborn remain silent. Until we listen. Until they speak.

Autor: Laboratorium Wolności
Date: 31 October 2020
Financed from the Justice Fund, which is administered by the Minister of Justice
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