Which is the appropriate way to speak to a teenager about religious freedom and how should their individual religious choices be protected? Is it a good idea to replace teaching religion at school with ethics? How should interreligious conflicts at school and in the family be resolved and build relationships based on dialogue? Does the organization of nativity plays in school violate worldview neutrality and, finally, is a neutral school a secular school?

Education experts will answer these and many other questions and discuss contemporary problems and challenges during our second virtual debate on religious freedom in the life of a teenager. Thanks to the practical interactive formula of conducting discussions, you can also join it by asking a question right away on our Facebook page or directly during the meeting. May the 22nd day of each of the next three months be an opportunity to reflect, in particular, on the value of religious freedom for each of us, whether believer, doubter, or non-believer. It is always worth talking, which is why we are counting on your participation!


Participants in the debate:

  • Weronika Kudła, PhD – moderator of the debate, expert of the Laboratory of Religious Freedom, lawyer, italianist, author of the book "Wrogość wobec religii" ("Hostility to religion"), a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration and the Faculty of Philology at the Jagiellonian University.
  • Maria Mazurkiewicz – educator, currently the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Vice-Curator of Education.
  • Janusz Kaźmierczak – philosopher and sociologist specializing in social psychology, co-author of the book "Mediacja rodzinna. Praktyczny poradnik" ("Family mediation. Practical guide"), mediator and coach at Fundacja Pracownia Dialogu (Dialogue Laboratory Foundation) in Toruń.
  • Krzysztof Pilarz – PhD in humanities, educator, psychotherapist, certified specialist in addiction therapy, theologian and guide in the Holy Land. Assistant professor at the Faculty of Theology of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and teacher of religion at high school. He runs the Center for Therapy and Development of Ecotherapy. He has an interest in human spirituality and the relationship between it and human education and development.


We also invite you to participate in the next live virtual meetings, scheduled on the dates:

May 22, 2021 (Saturday), at 18.00 – debate on religious freedom in student educationand

June 22 (Tuesday) at 18.00 – debate on religious freedom in the education of mature people

Autor: Paweł Kiermasz
Date: 7 April 2021
Financed from the Justice Fund, which is administered by the Minister of Justice
Pro Futuro Theologiae Foundation
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