Religious freedom in adult education

Religious freedom in adult education

Religious freedom in adult education was the topic of the fourth, last edition of our on-line debates on religious freedom in education.

During the meeting, we considered:

  • the processes of desecularization and individualization of religion and the models of education open to the pluralism of values and religion
  • the meaning of religious freedom and the ways of educating it in relation to an adult
  • the role of the media and other sciences that shape the personal and public space of religious freedom for each of us and the barriers to religion in the contemporary world

The questions were answered by:

  • Iwona Zamkowska, Ph.D – lecturer at the Department of Modern Languages at the Faculty of Philology and Pedagogy at the University of Technology and Humanities in Radom, author of works in the field of American cultural studies, culture and religion and pedagogy, a member of the board of the „Głos Prześladowanych Chrześcijan” („Voice of Persecuted Christians”) Association
  • prof. dr hab. Stanisław Gałkowski – lecturer at the Department of Educational Philosophy of the Ignatianum Academy in Kraków, author of works in the field of ethics, philosophical anthropology, education philosophy and socio-political philosophy
  • dr hab. Damian Guzek, UŚ professor – lecturer at the Institute of Journalism and Media Communication at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Silesia, author of papers in the field of media and religion, digital sphere and new media cartography

You can watch a recording of the debate below

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Autor: Mateusz Ruta
Date: 14 May 2021
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